Triplicity Music & Arts Festival 2018

Wed. May 23, 2018 at 12:00pm - Tue. May 29, 2018 at 12:00pm GMT
All Ages
Price: £30.00
All Ages
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Price: £30.00
All Ages
Event Description

After a super inspirational turn of events in 2017 that led us through a plethora of ups and downs and rounds and abouts - we had a fully gorgeous gathering of the tribes & an epic increase in vibes!

Now, we regroup and rejoin, begin to build and shape the future. Inspired once again by European adventures, German organisation & efficiency, mind blowing art, sounds, lights and underground psychedelic culture we a planning to step things up once again for Triplicity 2018!!

Some initial thoughts of upgrades in store!!

~ 6 days of camping
~ 4 days of music
~ An extensive selection of talks exploring topics from natural medicines to ancient cultures & beyond
~ An extension on our unique & beautiful art exhibition
~ A dedicated program of workshops of classes in the healing area
~ More land art, natural sculptures & fully upgraded decor all round

& we’re sure to come up with more improvements, alongside our already fully freaked out celebration of all things psychedelic & you, our most beautiful tribal family group of one.

A rude selection of all forms of international & home grown psychedelic beats:

~ Psy Trance ~ Forest, Nightime, Hi Teck, Dark Prog, Progressive, Full On
~ Psy Chill ~ Psy Dub, Psy Chill, Ambient, Psy Squelch
~ Alternative Psychedelic Beats ~ Techno, Drum & Bass, Breaks, Psy Breaks, Dub

~ A high grade range of banging food
~ Well priced booze
~ Ethically sourced stalls to cater for all your retail therapy needs
~ World class healing area, from Qi Gong to Gong Baths there’s constant soul revival maintenance for you to explore
~ Environmentally focused & eco conscious

World Class Location


- Psychedelic Stage -

HYPOGEO (Zenon Records) Germany

HIGHKO (Blast Records) Germany

HARMONIC REBEL (Psynon Records) Cyprus

AIRI (Zenon Recrds) (Zenon Records) Switzerland

TRIFORCE (Zenon Records) Australia

DIRTY SAFFI (Bom Shanka Records)

BEARDY (Wildthings Records)


AARDVARK (Bom Shanka)

CHAMELEON (Maharetta Records)

JAMES WEST (Nano Records)

NUKY (Bom Shanka)

VERT3X (Psynon Records/Modem Festival)

OCCULAR (Bom Shanka Records)

ACT ONE (Digital Shamans)

COSINUS (Sangoma) Switzerland

TERSIUS (Our Minds Music/Vantara Vichitra Records) South Africa

SOUTHWILD (Wildthings Records) Germany

KABI (Zenon Records) South Africa

SHANTAROLF (Midnight Sun Festival) Norway

ANTISPIN (Trick Music) UK

SIONNACH (Galactic Groove Records) Ireland

LAH NARRAD (Tongue on the Roof/ Woo Dog Records) Ireland

SUBSAHARAN (Subsystem Records) SA/Ireland

ELDEN (Parvati Records) Wales

SPROCKET (Blue Hour Sounds)

MUTALIENS (Looney Moon)



FLUOELF (Uroboros Parasomnia Occulta Digital-Yonkis) Spain

LORRAINE (Psilocybe Tribe/Sunrise)

GRADUAL (Brain Drill/WooDog)

SVESS (Mosaico Records) Sweden

JON DAY (Woo Dog)

DJ IAH (Tribal Sphere)

DEXTER (Cosmology)

TOXIC TEGAN (Digital Shamans)

GACID (Uruoboros/Phar Psyde)

FORDY (Blue Hour Sounds)

RICH NELSON (Toadstool/Psy Sessions)

BUNKLE (Wonk#ay)

GURTRUDE (Triplicity/Swamp Sessions)

G.E.O.R.G.E (Triplicity/Woo-Dog)

- Alternative/Chill Stage -

TALVIN SINGH (Island Recods) UK

BREGER (Copycow/Soupherb/Zenon) Germany

KNOBS (Moth Records | Nachtstrom Schallplatten | Zenon Records) Italy

BAYAWAKA (Merkaba Music/Shanti Planti) Germany

OKAPI (Illegal Art) ITALY

NANOSPHERE (Broken Robot Records)

EURYTHMY (Shanti Planti)

BAD TANGO (Broken Robot)

MONK3YLOGIC (Broken Robot/Broken/Liquid)

KWAH (VIM/Rune Recordings)

MOULDY SOUL (Adapted Records/Colony Productions/Additech)

SNEAKY VOODOO (Wobbly/TechYes)

LANDSWITCHER (Shanti Planti) Fr

AKASHA (Shan’ti Planti)

QUANTA (Shanti Planti)

BEATROOTS (Triple Drop)

GLOBULAR (Sofa Beats/Shanti Planti)


WOLF TECH (Shanti Planti/Desert Trax/Triple Drop records)

IACCHUS (Timewave Records)

SPATIALIZE (Experiment In Silence)

NAAN (Shanti Planti/Purple Hexagon)


PATTERNS (TechYes/Pandang)

SANIAL (Allowance Records)

SI (Deliberate Space)

FRACTAL FOREST (Psychedelic Jelly)



ROBIN TRISKELE (Triskele Music)

OSCLAB (Neurotrition)


PSIONIC ENTITY (Egregor Music)

COSMIC WAFFLE (Triplicity)

ANDROID (Windmilldown)

MAGICLANTERN (The Beats Boutique)

TERRANINE (Tempest Recordings) NZ

JON SANGITA (Experimental Sound Project)

SNOWDROP (New Moon Grooves)

SEAN SPINDRIFT (Further Progressions)

GEO (Tribe Or Frog)

LIQUID LOUNGE (Shanti Planti)

NIMI (Visionary Shamanics Records)


ANN WOT? (Home Team)

MARY MISS FAIRY (Wonkay/Broken)

FINBAR (Slav)…/occular-recorded-at-tribe-of-frog-…


SOULAH (Stocky)

ADDSIMEON (Something Groovy)

HARI MAU MATT (InOrbit)…/hari-mau-matt-recorded-at-tribe-of…

GURTEORGE (Triplicity)

- The Healing Area -

From Tribe to Tawai

Also talks on:

~ Altered by the hand of man - Ayahuasca and other plant psychedelics in the English courts.

~ Re-birthing yourself in the new energy - Breath ceremony explained.

~ Svadhaya - Study of the Self using Sensory Deprivation Tanks.

~ The Forgotten Sense, exploring the relationship between Energy and Vibration, The Olfactory System, and the Unlocking of Dormant DNA.

~ From Darkness comes Light: Uncovering the Mystery of Crystals.

~ Future fungi: how fungi can save the planet.

~ How to Activate Superconductive Particles an Ka Energy.

~ Hamrammr - Viking Shapeshifting in theory and practice.

~ Natural psychoactives, the bridge between the physical and sub-conscious. From DMT to haitian zombie powder.

~ Silver smithing workshop.

~A Deeper Meditation for Tantra.

~ Ancient Machines.

Each day we'll have a programme of workshops & classes featuring the following:

- Gong Baths
- Hatha Yoga
- Qi Gong
- Tai Chi
- Kundalini Yoga
- Template Ceremonies
- Sacred Sound Ceremonies
- Massage
- Reiki
- Shakti Dance
- Shamanic Sound Healing
- Holistic Chiropractrory
- The Teatime massage crew
- Shaolin Gung Fu
- Alchemy Body Art
- Crystal Therapy
- Clearing Energy Fields Through Chanting and Body Tapping

Tickets as follows:

The Keen Bean - £70 + bf  SOLD OUT
T̶h̶e̶ ̶O̶r̶g̶a̶n̶i̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶H̶i̶p̶p̶y̶ ̶-̶ ̶£̶8̶0̶ ̶+̶ ̶b̶f̶ ̶ SOLD OUT
The Normaloid - £90 + bf
The Normaloid Plus - £100 + bf 
The Hero Ticket - £110 + bf

Live in Vehicle (Space Ship Pass) - £20 +bf

The Space Bus (Coach Ticket) - £30 +bf

- Leaving from Bristol Temple Meads at 4pm Thursday 24th May

- Leaving Triplicity Midday Tuesday 29th May

More excitement coming at ya sooon!!!

Save the date, 
May Bank Holiday 
23rd May - 29th May 2018
- You Are Our Energy -

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