Tier 2: Leave No Trace Weekend Camping (239.00 €)

For our conscientious festival lovers - In supporting this campsite, you sign up to our 'Leave No Trace' policy.

Our Leave No Trace Campsite has increased rapidly, from 15% of the festival in 2014, to 50% by 2019 and 75% of our attendees by 2022. We are expanding this to 100% of our capacity in 2023.

Our Leave No Trace Campsite is dedicated to those with a greener conscience and to those who are up for giving it a try. Campers commit to recycling their waste and taking all of their camping gear home.

Our plan aims to engage everyone at the festival and bring them with us on our sustainability journey, so we need you to play your part too. We’re asking people to be responsible festival citizens and treat our festival home as if they’re having a party in their back garden (with all your favourite friends!).